About Us

"The landscape of the healthcare industry is undergoing significant transformation, and ZAKI INDUSTRIES is poised to assist you in navigating the challenges that come with this shift. Originating from a humble workshop 58 years ago, Zaki Industries has evolved into a premier manufacturer of surgical, dental, ENT, orthopaedic, gynaecology, and ophthalmic instruments, specializing in both single-use and reusable instruments. We are committed to continuous progress and expansion. 

In order to ensure prompt delivery without compromising on quality, we maintain a substantial inventory of 4000 different articles for our clients. Presently, our products are distributed worldwide, encompassing Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Partnering with us means always staying ahead of the competition. We are driven by a commitment to deliver top-notch quality swiftly and at competitive prices, a principle that has earned us the prestigious Best Manufacturer Award in 2022."

1st Generation

     MR. Haji Sana Ullah

2nd Generation

          Mr. Saif Ullah

              Mr. Zia Ullah

               Mr. Zaka Ullah

3rd Generation

        Mr. Awais Saifullah
Director of Digital Marketing 

                 Ms. Hifza Saifullah
            Head of sale department

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